Saturday, October 8, 2016


This week in the life and times that is Skai Mitchell, Aka: Skaiblu82 has been one of many firsts, and im feeling pretty awesome about them all..
My first ever blog post (Technology still evades me at 33.8 years of life), my first ever design team contribution for the gorgeous ladies that have welcomed me at Scrapping Clearly , I've chopped my hair off for the first time in my life shorter than the shoulders (thanks to my cousin at Blanc Hair ) and went where I had never dared to venture before... the chest tattoo... 

Its taken me a long while to get comfortable in my skin, and to a point where my life is coasting along on cruise control. During the day in my 'real' life I am a mum to 'the large child' Zane who is 14, and the 'small child' Trinity-Jewel who is almost 10. 
I collect Black cats, and we currently have 4 furbabies that have as long and as complicated a story as I do... ill save you that 'tail' for another time..

Im currently have about 100hrs of ink time invested into my skin, all black and grey and by the same tattoo artist... ill share snippets of those stories along the way, and if you choose to read those id be truly hunbled... just as much time, planning, dreaming and drawing have gone into them as actual time in the chair. One day when its my time to leave this earth, id like to think my stories will stay a little longer.. 

I am a Family Day care educator, who 5 days a week, or 55 plus hours cares for some amazing kidlets in my home, which my partner and I have spent a decade or more renovating, restyling, and renovating some more... I wont post about that part of my life much on here, but if you were interested in following my FDC journey you can head over to Rock-A-Bye Baby Early Childhood Education and Care ...

Please add me to your bloggy likes or subscription thingies... and share in my artistic journey that is generally black, grungy and very much like me... you can also follow my instagram feed, im still working on buttons and shit, ive only just figured out how to 'blog' let alone make it all pretty.... you can find me here - Skaiblu82


  1. Welcome Skai to the blogging world. You have done an amazing job making you and your style known until now. Enjoy the ride 😊

  2. It all looks awesome Skai. Congratulations and we love having you on our team at Scrappingclearly! !