Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Skool Holiday Workshop courtesy of Pep.C.

Im double adulting today with 2 blog posts..lol... 
I shared some mood board love over at the Scrapping Clearly Blog and im teaming it up with another fun layout I created late at night when my mojo hit  as the sun went down.. 

My daughter Trinity features in many of my layouts, only because Mr 14 is to cool for pics and doesn't like to be shared with mums stuff... (But posts a million selfies I'm not allowed to use?) 

Here she had just attended a school holiday workshop with the super cool Pep.C. of Urban Arts Workshops. At 10 ts hard to find school holiday stuff to do that is relevant to what your into. Here they spray painted t-shirts, explored Newcastle and practised their Hip-Hop moves. 

Ive used Marshmallow Heavy Weight Cardstockas my base. This cardstock is the BOMB!! Specifically designed for mixed media it can take a shit load of medium. 

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  1. Wow awesome layout. I'm new to using mix media. What is Colour Blast Paste and what does it do?